Friday, August 21, 2009

oh woes is me oh i am woe oh woe. Whoa!

I mentioned my Dragon awhile back. My Dragon, (oh really?). I lived in a Barbie Doll House when I first moved to Florida. 612 square feet. It was magical. I had to scoot to the end of my Hyde-a-bed to get into the bathroom at night. The hall to the back door was my closet and I converted the dark room into a kitchen. There was a double door to the front of the house that I would open wide when it rained. There were two masterful Oaks, right out the front door with a huge round wooden table set between them. ROUND. A two-burner stove top, microwave, toaster oven and the cutest almost refrigerator I've ever seen, culminated my culinary equipment. Not a dorm model, this one came to my cute. I spent my very first ever all alone for Thanksgiving/Christmas in my cute little house. That was magic too. This house was a hobby shop on my best friend's Mom's place and she said I could put a kitchen in it and stay as long as I needed to. Double edge there because my friend/her son had HIV and was expected to live there when the time came for him. I was proud and pleased to be able to help also by getting that little hobby shop, livable.

Best laid plans......oh oopsie. I just don't always understand stuff. My Dragon eats rose thorns like they are candy. He loves them. I know this because there was a day I needed roses. That day, right after I had cried myself to sleep. For my very soul they were in my home. I was already a bit wounded so with great care and kindness I snipped every thorn tip from every stem. I had all these rose thorns in the palm of my hand. Palm spread wide, oh no wonder, I took myself to the front porch and looked up the hill at the Nasty Ogre's Hovel. I tossed the thorns and I didn't cry anymore. Well, needless to say.........yes of course, My Dragon showed up. I have always referred to him as My Dragon but truth be told.......I am his pet. I know you are not going to believe my luck but the next best thing My Dragon likes to eat after rose thorns is.........Ogres.

Ah kind gentile people, this heart wrenching tale of woe and weirdness of around the year 2000 comes to the light of day now because I will have lunch with the Ogress, tomorrow.

film at 11:00.

Monday, August 10, 2009

So? Not very funny! ok, a little but not..OK! stop laughing!

Aug 11th 2009 By Nick Prueher

Cuba Runs Out of Toilet Paper
Weird News
Cuba, known for its abundance of vintage American automobiles, baseball players and Buena Vista Social Clubs, has found itself in the middle of full-blown Cuban Toilet Paper Crisis.The state-run company that manufactures the country's T.P. supply, Cimex, said they are currently unable to produce or import enough raw materials to make more toilet paper until at least December. "The corporation has taken all the steps so that at the end of the year there will be an important importation of toilet paper," said a Cimex spokesperson. Meanwhile, President Raul Castro announced budget cuts last week that slashed imports by 20 percent. That, combined with the raw materials shortage, has led to the rapid disappearance of toilet paper from store shelves.Until more supplies are produced, citizens are encouraged to conserve toilet paper by tearing off fewer squares, switching from two-ply to one-ply or using cigar wrappers.

It is not illegal to send packages to it?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I know this feeling. OH MY! Although looking so very realistic, I think that is really Eddie Murphy in costume for Madagascar. I have not been to the Wild Animal Park since there was a Girl Scout Troop for me to escort. 1984 maybe. Maybe next trip out there I should take the girls and visit.