Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Age of Aquarius?

Mercury goes direct today. Allows clarity and opportunity to get back on track.

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May 31, 2009 Daily Aquarius horoscope:
The expression "turning point in your destiny" often brings a smile to cynical people's faces, but in your case, dear Aquarius, it definitely has some meaning. This turning point can take the form of a new person in your life, or a key event that changes things forever. Sometimes, things that we only hear about actually happen. Something like this will be happening for you in the coming months.

I love Google. Mercury Retrograde Knowing the next time Mercury goes retrograde might prepare you better. Mark it on your calendar and see how this time effects your living. It has been said this period is not the best time for major purchases or contractual agreements. Only because things may need to be undone to do again. Also note communications can be technically egregious. The toaster acts up, the fricken/fracken computer is a poop, these kinds of irritants abound, Mercury retrograde. I bump myself into things (walk into walls??) It irritates me that it seems that someone has moved things.

These are the dates I have, may differ by hours, depending??
Mercury Retrograde, September 6 thru 29. December 6 thru January 15.

This does fascinate me so I share. Age of Aquarius - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Well I finally have this figured out, sorta. I'm not as spot on with the tech stuff. Pretty sure. I'm sure it doesn't take a round trip ticket for you guys just to get this sweet Golden Heart Award photo to stick right here on your own pages. See? Took me a minute.
Thank you. I have received an award, my first and a blessed one because I have no performance due, no hoops to through, no fire to jump. Thank you nikina for thinking of me and Rain for thinking me through. I am very happy to fly my colors. After all 'that' is said and done, this being my first will be my best. There is no other award I will be worthy of or can accept. I test well, never did do my homework. Sweet Nik... my breath was gone for a moment when I last opened you post, amazing page and giant colors. I didn't comment because you had received an award...and to pass on...and I didn't want your immediate attention. I would wait a moment, then tell you. BUT little girl you nabbed me anyway. I do cherish it. Thank you. So? I pass this on to those of Golden Hearts? I do this first, my easy way. If YOU are here reading this, take this award from my heart to yours. I know you read..may not always comment. But I know you are here. I could embarrass you and make a list but instead........pick this up and pass it on. You know who you are or I just had a big sandwich. Grateful.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Well, you started it.

Conversations of "if we win the lottery" are always very fun. What would you do first? Where would you go first? Sometimes I say something very stupid, like.."is that all it is?" Jackpots around here start out at 3 million. This dejected whining comment always makes Mr. Frank laugh. So then I laugh too and....duh! Yes exactly, thank you very much, nothing at all wrong with a whole bunch of money in our pockets. Thank you very much. Tahiti is our fantasy, maybe mine but Mr. Frank will tag along too. Recently we have considered a European cruise, discussing a first class ticket for one of the flights. Fantasies and dreams and desires and goals. A bit of a trickle down effect to be sure. We are allowed and encouraged to handle our fantasies, with a whole lot of reality. Precious dreams are not to be squashed. Our desires are usually right there in front of our noses. Goals. Those are the ones we have to be very careful with. I believe the power of my voice. Saying makes it so. Oh yes, what does come to mind? "Be careful what you wish for". So, what if I SAY I do not want to die here? I know this for my fact. A goal. Discounting the bus and the plane theory, ( ok yeah and any other wild 'if/whens') I cannot fail at my goal. Right? Absolute power. Excepting that I have no power. I could be in Tahiti and get hit by a bus. Ta-Da! I could be on a cruise in the med and get landed on by a plane. Ta-Da! There is a very real comfort in all of that for me because I have this behemoth faith. I hope when I go, I can get in a..."ok, fine, here works for me". I am an optimistic realist. An over the top positive person that is smart. I hope either your face is all squirreled up or you are laughing. I don't know what it means either. I have bad moments, sad minutes. I see most all things bad as a movement towards better. I don't do heaven or hell. It's all right here for me so I'm taking care of it now as best I can.
222 million in a power ball we are a part of. Someone in Ohio I think got it. We have no idea who participates in it. Thought is was just adjoining states, shared borders or something. With that kind of moolah, I would be tempted to try to save Haiti..........or something?

My Dad always said you have to play to win. We forget that part alot.

At the bottom of my blog page, please view my toonlet.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I grew up on a farm in Kansas. That is somewhere so close to the truth. We went 'Home" for Christmas every year and although it was for only two weeks every December...The memories flood my mind. The first memories of my Granparents farm was a summer time, enough for a post position of it's own. (later) This one's for ellen and her sneaky chickens. I will fore go the story of exactly how one gets to the kitchen table, some wild lesson my Grandfather just HAD to share. You know the 'one' it's the classic. I only had minor problems with the sneaky chickens but my Grandparents had horrid, nasty, vicious chickens. Banni chickens...for bantam....for any small breed, sometimes called miniatures. Maybe they were so horrid to make up for a small stature?? I actually had to be given a self-defense lesson against the beasts. This was after the 3rd time I left the house and a search and rescue party had to be dispatched to get me out of the peach tree. My screaming and wailing was of no service, actually, you know, I think maybe they just let me sit a spell before the rescue ensued. I had done the picnic table, the fence posts, hay bales, the hood of Pop's truck and some stuff I wasn't supposed to climb. My Grandmother does not recall the ladder being up for the peach tree but by golly there it was and then there I was treed by the beastly bannies. My Grandmother was my martial arts master. Sometimes my Grandfather would have to laugh. He just HAD to but my Grandmother never..never laughed at me, although she did turn her back on me quite a bit. Whatever that was about?? Well all I had to do was remind the killer chickens that I was bigger than they were so I hopped and squawked and flapped my own wings every bit as much as they could and took an occasional swipe at them with a foot. Yes, sometimes my Grandfather just had to laugh.

This appears to be one of those things I was not supposed to climb. Like the water tank. You can just tell how rotten nasty that bird is. Probably got some poor sweet 7 year old right up that ladder.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

To Paint? or go to the beach?

Painting Myself Into a Corner Lee Harvey Roswell 2006.

I'm just having all these way mixed up thinking bouts that get me all mixed up. I should move. Everybody else is moving. I want to move. I'm ready to move, I'm supposed to move. So I've decided to completely do the OMGawd, she's lost her mind (again but this time she should be committed) and let the games begin. Even the newly appointed Ambassador is moving....his desk and I'm going to assume at least across town. I guess it could just be a different floor? So I can move across town or to another floor. I'm going to pack up this entire house. Live in chaos all summer, from boxes. Paint walls, move furniture....THROW OUT 4 TONS OF stuff. Even if I don't have the courage to do all that over the top, I can do one room at a time and maybe Mr. Frank won't even notice I need a ride to The Bin. This is good good good. I have a plan. Dumb Ass Plans are still a beginning. I can get halfway (just like me) through a plan and find it is not practical or effective. My govt. does it all the time. I feel so much better. I will formulate my Dumb Ass Plan right after I take complete inventory of Lowe's. I'll start with my office.
oh i have a headache.

So sure it all begins with a closet!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

School's out for Summer!

I was so excited to turn 30 years old. I would be all grown up. I would finally be able to get my shit together. I would balance my checkbook, paint ever room in my house all at the same time. That did not happen quick enough so I gave it up and decided to shoot for all proper and organized at 40. I got a tattoo instead. Something to commemorate turning 40. My tattoo story is so fantastic and I know you will love it. I'm going to open my summer vacation tales of flight and fancy fantasy with the story of my dragon tattoo. I will officially be unemployed on June the 1st. I will have 20 days to ponder my fate until summer begins on the books 6/21/09. Retired....for the summer. Well I don't have to race to another job so I thought I might be able to get my stuff together this summer. Write a book, paint a self portrait, put a new roof on the house. OK then, how about clean a closet and lose 10 pounds? a book.

I worked from my home in Florida for a realtor in Atlanta. I loved my job and I was very good at it, in pajamas. True. My boss handles REO's for several clients. In the olden days of banking, when a bank took a house back it went to auction. Now more often than not the bank has a division of REO's (Real Estate Owned) that they market. My boss the realtor only does property that was corporate owned (the bank). Very different marketing from general realty. It was my job to manage the properties. I turned the lights on in Atlanta. The gas, the water, did the lawns, ordered minor repairs, got bids for major repairs and have had to find a rat chaser. I did the billing and paid the bills. I promoted myself several times and my boss tried to fire me several times. I told her you cannot fire slaves. Although I readily agreed to be banished any time Friday afternoon she so ordered. She also just happens to be my bestest, most wonderful friend this side of the Mississippi. Her youngest son has graduated from 8th grade and they are moving back to San Diego this summer. Verily I go.
Before this, I was an Ambassador for an Insurance company. Well, they thought I was their secretary.......

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Coral Rose has provided me with her first bloom after transplant. There is a bud on every stem to back this first one up, so, a very happy plant we have. We have some sunshine this morning and I believe everything in the yard will probably grow a foot before the P.M. promised showers arrive. I'm looking forward to this summer as I will be on vacation. I quit my job in April but gave a last official work day of 6/1/09. When it's all over I should be required to post, "What I did on my Summer Vacation". Which, right now, makes me think if I can't get to something outrageous, I should prepare some sort of wild tale to tell. A work of fiction. A novella. Sci-fi?? So if 'they' don't stop by to ask me if I'd like a road trip around the galaxy, I'll have to make one up. So, if 'they' do stop by...would you believe me? I have a large fear of not being believed, if/when something of unusual circumstances befalls my living. Mr Frank has promised to not smile in my face at a wild tale I might subscribe to. I suppose enough odd behavior and remarkable conversations have insured some validity to any story from my lips. I like that. I say odd things, I believe odd stuff, I get away with it so yes, I'm weird.
As rose buds go, I am facing an onslaught. A fierce attack that I have no defense of. This is so cool and makes me wonder where My Dragon has got to. To mention, I think this is a great start for Summer Vacation Tales. This last shot of Coral Rose bud #1 from transplanted is of her last hurrah! Swan Song. She is a beaut.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Do you believe like I believe? Do you believe in Magic? A friend of mine once explained there were two kinds of people to play magic to. Some show wonder and curiosity and revering high-spirited joy, exposed to slight of hand. The rest are naysayers. Is it akin to that cup we see? Just that very simple coin from the ear is still a thrill. Children are gracious for magic. Young minds, quick eyes and immediate grins and giggles. When do we begin to become austere? How do we lose our minds of magic? I've heard we can lose our ability to fly in our dreams when we have abandoned our imaginations. Oh pishposh, grow up. Some parts of growing up should not be tossed aside. That bright light magic piece of mind to a child. THAT, should very gently be polished and cared for and utilized............with abandoned when called upon. Magic. It's everywhere.

2 eggs (place in cup of hot tap water to bring to room temp)
1/2 cup of milk (bring to room temp)
1/2 cup sifted all-purpose flour
1 pinch salt (I don't)
1 pinch nutmeg (I don't)
2 Tbs. butter
2 Tbs. powdered sugar

1) Place a 10 inch cast iron skillet (I use a glass pie pan) inside oven and preheat to 475*
2) In a bowl of appropriate size (said a medium bowl, duh?) beat eggs with a whisk. Add milk and stir. Gradually whisk in flour. (nutmeg and salt, I don't)
3) Remove skillet from oven and reduce oven heat to 425*. Melt butter in hot skillet to completely coat the inside. Pour all the batter into the skillet and return to oven.
4) Bake until puffed and lightly browned, about 12 minutes. DO NOT PEEK. Remove promptly and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

I also use syrup. I also have stuffed these with a breakfast concoction (sausage, peppers, potatoes all cooked up). I have stuffed these with fruit and creme cheese. This is delicious any way you cut it. This is also magic. DO NOT will not believe your eyes.
Dutch Babies.
Very very easy. Everybody try.
My Mighty Oak. I've never owned a tree before. I love being that person that cares for this tree. I feel this tree when I am in the yard, underneath her. I've scrunched my shoulders once or twice, wondering if she might thump my noggin to get me thinking. The most hysterical, stop breathing moment...and convinced me to never be without a ball cap.... picking up small twigs to bolder tiny branches. A commotion racket RUN RUN RUN freakazoid. So I stop dead still because I am so startled I do not know which way to run...and three feet to my side a squirrel with a death clench on a branch. PLOPS! I think he is dead. I 'oh poor thing', 'so sad' ?? he moves.......He's three feet from me. Do I run? He does not run, he sits up, looks at me?? Is she going to eat me? We both still. Ponder. Finally, thank God, he gets real and runs. As my wits come slowly back to me, I smile. Then I am over come by the complete Holy Shit Ordeal of my squirrel. Well of course he is mine, he's in My Mighty Oak.

Squirrel...da da da ta da. sing sing. jump hop launch da da ta da woo hoo. launch, ah snag. get it.YEA. launch.....CRACK! WTHOLYGUACAMOLE fawahamp. ooff. He fell 512 feet, hit the deck knocked the stuffin out of himself and passed out. how worse can it get?? It does. he wakes to see me. All the way to the ground I am going to die. Why did that branch break? Why didn't I know this could be? I open my eyes and I am. was badder. It's looking at me and I am not yet in my own mind (something about oxygen) FINE, I'm dead again. ouuuo, not very quick, is it? RUN!

I laugh at my good fortune. Really laugh loud. I am blessed and thankful My Mighty Oak did not whack me in the head with a squirrel.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Please Send Pizza

It is day 4 of my captivity. Thanks to the current level of torture, sleep deprivation, I have failed 6 word verification tests. I am hunch-back due to the physical abuse I endure for hours at a time. My head is continually filled with propaganda.... e i e i o.....I am not fed properly. I have 4 minutes to bathe. My clothes are shredded. I am held hostage by a small tiny ravenous gobbledegook speaking mostly humanoid creature that is ruler of the world. I must obey.
do not be deceived.......she must be obeyed.

Monday, May 11, 2009

There are many occasions that can call for candlelight. It can make any very best wonderful thing going on just that much more special. Illuminate the magic.

We know how and we know we are supposed nice to ourselves. A very special dinner out, just because. A massage, just because we can. Just because we can should flow right to because we should. Why do we deny ourselves? Make all the noise and excuses you believe could justify. We've all heard them and used them.

Take a shower by candlelight.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy fun day for all.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

This is our Birthday Babe. She is a very funny girl. We are off to the park to celebrate.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Before I go.....I know, isn't this so silly. Make sure you check Austin's food every day and don't forget to....

I'm sure (hope) I will find a c o m p u t e r over there>
but just in case I ignore you ;0
please go bother this wonderful manic man. I've already tried to scare him. He is so funny.
and water the plants

I have a pacifier book. Already tired. Happy Trails.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Something about a bridge, I was reading, and I am a bridge person. So, the damn needs to break, yes, yes, the damn dam. No ok, the bridge needs to blow up so I can figure out which way to run. My brain is wrung. Run. I have plenty of bridges available to the back. I see no bridges ahead. Here I am on the bridge. Point....? it is very nice. I love this bridge. I came marathon hill pounding from the other side of the planet just to be right here. I have healed. 11 years ago I had a Coral Rose over there. I missed it. I found one here. Time to go. Not so fast. Why? ooohhh! Why not? Just that simple. When I got here it was not a reached destination, just part of the road. Change. I must be ready.

There's a Coral Rose planted here, just today. Amazing.

I love this forum. I'm outta here tomorrow.

Ok, that was very cheeky, I am so funny. I am going 'back' that direction to visit and play. Leaving on a jet plane.

Do you know where...verily I go?

Fantastic. The moon is in the Hawaiians. The star is compliments of Photoshop. It would be wonderful to float around all that in a tall ship, wouldn't it?

One of those, Wish moments.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rites of Passage. Inescapable. Fair winds seemingly, right into sometimes the most outrageous raging nasty storm ever painted. Sometimes just those fair winds but still, there. The change will always be but then most times, the storm. A beginning, a middle, and some sort of calm aftermath. The intrinsic value of Change demands at least a nod. Change quantified by teenager equals....a bazillion, bull shits.
Teenagers are a pure form of angst. They get it, they have it and they hand it out by tonnage...
Why does this have to be so damn hard sometimes? Well I know. Well I have this theory and then I think I know. How excited, how fun, how wonderful was it going to be to get into the real world and be self? I can't wait to turn 18 so I can be my real self. I can't wait to turn 18. When I turn 18 I'm outta here. I am sick to death of 'them'.....or me being here.
Holy Crappola. What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to be? How am I supposed to do....How do I do this? I'm not sure....but I have to try, right, because I can't live here for the rest of my life, right? MMmm...I have to go, I want to stay. I am loved and I love. I am unsure and I know this will hurt. They know they have to go.

The struggle.
Where are we taught, where do we practice? The nest. If we have not been blessed to have this safe place to become aware, we learn from like kind, after. After jumping too early or being pushed unprepared. Teenagers practice flapping their wings. Flapping their mouths, rolling eyes, huffy and puffing lungs, body grunts, body harumphing. Brainless. I have titanium credentials about the brainless teenager. The second (very second) they turn 13, they remove it from cranium and put in their sock drawer. Encourage more, resist undermining, and at worst believe this teenager is from another planet and you wish to help. We really do not own.
Separation, liminality, and re-incorporation, Wikipedia. We do this in strict form as teenagers. As adults we float like dementors though these memories and re-incorporate with less fear, or at least some comfort of familiar.

I hope you have witnessed or been involved with that little kid standing at the side of the pool. So encouraged and so protected. Some of those first entries are a riot...not the jump but the test entries. Baby scoochy bottoms, butt jumps. Doesn't take long until a possible broken nose for the parent. Then we are just fine jumping right in there.

I think Rites of Passage in our age belongs to teenagers. Then...


do not resist...remember being the teenager?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Popcorn for Lunch

Mr Frank is working nights for a couple of weeks and that's nice for me because he has time during the day to play. Yesterday we had a late lunch/early dinner and today we were considering a movie. We have gift certificates so it will only be half as outrageous to afford to go. What to see?

I love You, Man
Battle for Terra in 3D
Monsters vs Aliens 3D
Ghost of Girlfriends Past
X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Hannah Montana: The Movie
State of Play
The Soloist
17 Again

These are our choices. I told Mr. Frank that Angels & Demons would be out soon and he suggested it would be a great big screen presentation. I'm not sure what "Coming Soon" is all about but let the drum roll begin.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I read Reya's post on 2012 and..........Oh my gosh I am just so full of my head.
The first time I ever heard some of this stuff was from TV and there was a direct translation from the words of Nostradamus, which say-yes it is so, just like that or something close to that. I had the honor of being one of the supreme debunkeness of the millennium as NOT 'the end' because that was.....later. I tried to tell my best girlfriend, she told me to shut up. I actually thought it was January 6th 2025.

What sticks in my mind most is 2000 years of peace on this planet, without mankind.

36 years also rings a bell???

I'm here for the ride and hanging on as long as I can. I pray Reya's sanity prevails.

Sunday, May 3, 2009
Merle Sneed said...
Questions always seem smarter when we agree with them.

There is a lot of agreement in the herd. I watched a program some time ago where an Elephant herd divided. It had everything to do with picking one leader over another except by unusual circumstances and excepting Elephants. Elephants don't divide. If a herd becomes too large a few of the older sisters will break off. This herd was desperate for water. Some weaker and some of the young were dying, as all the while the rest kept moving. They stopped, not for very long but when they resumed, one group went in a direction and the other group in another direction. If they were certain of water in any direction, wouldn't they have stayed together? Dissension? Anarchy? Mutiny? The water is this way.....No I don't think so, we should go this way. OR did they know that there was possibly water in two places? If we all go here and our water source is dry we will all die. If the other way and no water? We will divide.

Absolutely amazing, I cried buckets. Yeah, I'm a great Hallmark/Kleenex target.

I do not believe humanity could save itself. When all was said and done, all the while dying, the survivors would simple say, "I told you so".

I believe it is morally imperative we become smarter, not just agreeable.

I beg to borrow Mr. Sneed's disclaimer which is something of.... sometimes I have no idea what I'm talking about.. but everything about the elephants is true because I saw it on TV.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Guidance, thankfully.

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May 2, 2009 Daily Aquarius horoscope:
Put aside the frivolity for a day, dear Aquarius. This is an important time to prepare for the future. Make sure you don't take another step forward before you know you are on solid ground. This is an important time for you to secure your goals on a piece of paper. Writing them down will help you manifest them in your life. Think about the long-term harvest. Security and grounding are key themes of the day.

aquarius by racalovesyou

WOW.....for me too.

I had no idea what to think about today. This Day. None. I had a word verification of hilli. Hilli. OK, let's get going. I want to smush my face in the Gold Puppy and forever thanks to his Mom.

Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day

had traditionally been an occasion for popular and often raucous celebrations, regardless of the locally prevalent political or religious establishment.

As Europe became Christianized the pagan holidays lost their religious character and either changed into popular secular celebrations, as with May Day, or were replaced by new Christian holidays as with Christmas, Easter, and All Saint's Day. In the twentieth century, many neopagans began reconstructing the old traditions and celebrating May Day as a pagan religious festival again. Wikipedia.

Friday can call for a party planned or one dropped from a hat.