Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Judging. Left to the courts? Not for justice, left to the letter of the law. Mans book. Judging not by God. Left to the letter of mans mind. Judge. You all do, especially if you are a christian. Superior. No wonder, conflict. Write a new book. I just completely despise all of you that.....by your GOD, do anything to another that is unkind, or stupid F'up and then say this is his way. DUH, you guys suck. Your churches suck, all of them. ALL OF THEM. Especially christians.

And then again, I believe this is heaven......here on Earth, as God intended. This planet is important to God, and we are too. Just like the ant. No more no less.

How so totally pompous to devise a tale of narcissism that he looks like us, that he wants us to come to his house, that he gives such a shit about us, us, us, us...

God loves me. I am am his creation. Like an ant. I will die, go to the earth, nowhere near like an ant. Embalming sucks. Plastic people, brilliant.

Your religion is corporate human resources. Your Faith? Hope.

Oh by the way, nobody goes to hell. We really should have stronger reasons for seeking therapy. Like Mom's from the dark side, to kick our asses to the light. Especially muslims.