Monday, November 16, 2009

The very best way to do this would be...on an upbeat note. Here it is. I'm off and so many thanks to some many true beings.
For everyone else, just keep on breathing.


Friday, November 13, 2009

hell's bells

(used interjectionally to indicate vexation or surprise.) I looked up vexation too. We're just going to call all of this.....all of that.

The Vatican has now given the all-clear for Catholics to believe in life beyond our planet. The Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes, Jesuit Director of the Vatican Observatory stated in an interview that our universe is too big to rule out "additional forms of life even, intelligent ones."

In an interview called "The Extraterrestrial Is My Brother" published in the Vatican newspaper (L'Osservatore Romano) Funes explained that ruling out the existence of aliens would be like "putting limits" on God's creative freedom. He also assured doubters that it doesn't contradict with their faith as Aliens could be among God's creatures.

So now that all of that's settled, I guess they can Visit?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rain more time, with your eyes closed.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Infinite Thanks.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Remove privacy information like names, social security numbers and account information from documents before sharing with others. Have you ever seen anything that's been edited in such a way? I suppose it must be qualified by your security clearance position or maybe just your position on the planet. Like a book you might be taking into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I've seen such books. Thinking in 1988 how fun it is to make it up as you go and then knowing it's not funny at all. It's still not funny.

It's not quite what we perceive our lovable caring editor to be, is it?

Who IS the Redactor?


Monday, November 9, 2009

last day!


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HORCHOW, just so you know.

I've been shopping. Web hopping. There is a pot of carcass on the stove. The tree is up in the living room. The tree I ordered a month ago from Balsam Hill. I wanted to tell you when it arrived but for the life of me, the life I want to keep for a bit longer, I was not going to be the messenger of any Christmas tidings. There I said it. Christmas. Our perfect adorable well groomed, OBEDIENT cute little tree...needs a skirt.

Not this one. I don't particularly care for this one, which is pretty peachy keen and it cost $1300.00 usd. So it is a very good thing that I don't particularly care for this one, in particular. Imagine the terror my poor cat has suffered at all the noises I've been making the last 45 minutes. Worse than he lovingly indures on Sunday's when a bonehead shows up on the field and swipes my ball...TOTALLY never intended for him-JERK!

Tree skirts. Good grief.

We had Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday, hence boiling bones today. We will be gone that week as we were last year. Stuffing a turkey into the mix, the tail end of November, so close to the December turkey mix just turns into Honey Baked. They have already contacted me to let me know I could have ham for Thanksgiving. Nice. I was so thrilled to order one last year, delivered on December 23rd and right to my door. Can you even imagine?

Have you done a Honey Baked Ham line? Good grief.

Sounds of the Season, courtesy of Brighthouse, are piped through the house as well today. I was doing Smooth Jazz last week and saw the reminder note at the bottom of the screen and wondered what I had been missing my whole life. What sounds made Thanksgiving? Hmm!

Christmas music! Good grief.

So here I am after pie for breakfast. Pear Pie. Muah, Sir Anthony. Yummy smelly kitchen, wafting thourgh the house. Soft sweet Seasons, trickling down the hall and a partridge in my Christmas tree.

Is that a Partridge? Good grief.

Friday, November 6, 2009

"pulling a Reichle"

SSSSH is one of the most unique organizations in the world – for we are intangible, yet everywhere, structured by pure spirit and governed only by benevolent goodness. SSSSH exists solely in the compassionate spirits of our anonymous members, for we have no address, headquarters, telephone, bank account, employees, or membership cards. Our assets are the incentive, resources, imagination, and generosity of our colleagues and our future growth is bound only by the limits of imagination and love in our members’ hearts. Our main point of contact is this WEBSITE (click on) floating around in Cyberspace. Our only bylaws are anonymity and our only requirement for membership is an unsigned letter or email with no return address describing an anonymous good deed - preferably for a total stranger. Thus, we have an estimated 40,000 members, but we do not know their names or addresses. We thrive on adventure and carry serendipity around on our shoulder. Join SSSSH now!
Please read...'Who was Hal'

Thursday, November 5, 2009


So, of course, I looked it up. I love the Internet. I adore Google.
This after a report I was reading on the H1N1 flu.

I also recently received an e-mail on discerning the differences between a common cold and the H1N1 flu as symptoms. Duh!

But misconceptions spread quickly during the early stages of a new disease outbreak. In Egypt, authorities culled some 300,000 pigs — even though there was no evidence that the H1N1 virus was circulating in these pigs or was actively passing from pigs to people.
Read more:,28804,1895184_1895183,00.html%20/%20ixzz0W1GSC4V8

Well according to Merriam-Webster, they were not culled. They were not even slaughtered, that’s specific….”the act of killing, specifically: the butchering of livestock for market” Humans can be slaughtered…’killing of great numbers of human beings (as in battle or a massacre)”

I understand the fear. Better safe than sorry? Panic isn’t a topic for discussion, at any time. It just is. After the panic, sanity? Maybe.

The pigs were killed, that’s all, not culled.

I smack of pompous as I be smacked down.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Fruits of Nature Footpainted by Prof. Manuel Rivera

"We make a living by what we get; We make a life by what we give."

Winston Churchill