Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Walk in the Rain

mouthpainted by Paular Mustalahti

"Thy fate is the common fate of all; Into each life some rain must fall"

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


  1. Beautiful. enough said. :)

  2. If it didn't rain, nothing would grow.

  3. well verily, i'm on record as having announced that i love rain as much as sunshine. every sensory feature of it makes me happy. as a metaphor, rain typically connects to sadness, misfortune, misery so i like ellen's take on it as something we need in order to grow. i'll be the first to acknowledge that when you're suffering, growth is the last thing you're thinking about but eventually it can be seen. have a peaceful day. steven

  4. I, too, have lived in very small space, and like you I am a friend of dragons. I should say "friend" since they cannot be tamed.

    And they mean no harm, they're just so powerful that ... well ... things happen sometimes.

    Rain rain rain rain rain. I like a little. A lot of it always brings me down.

  5. rain bring on new growth washing away the old and nourishing the new. into each life a little rain must fall...where is my umbrella?

  6. What a beautiful watercolor. Personally, I like rain when it's a driving thunderstorm or a sprinkle.

    But after five straight days of gloom, I start to go a little batty.

  7. I was very moved by your painting. I felt many emotions when I looked at it and it made me want to walk faster to the LIGHT


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