Thursday, October 8, 2009

NEVER in all my life, have I been,

THIS CLOSE, I spy! Is he beautiful? I forgot to breath.
I'm maybe 6/7 feet away from him. So incredible!

but this one..I captured.


  1. They are magnificent. I opened my door one morning to startle a bid of prey ,some kind of hawk, that was in the tree just 10 feet from the door. It flew to rest on the gate while I got to stand there silently and admire.

  2. WOW .. I am not sure I would have moved/breathed either ..

  3. Is that a Kestral? The tail markings look similar. Amazing to have him so close. Great pictures.

  4. i remember living in an apartment in toronto and watching a red shouldered hawk land on the balcony railing. it could just as easily have been a visitor from another planet for all the crazed excitement i felt! they are so extraordinary and have such latent power. sweet capture verily!!! steven


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