Thursday, November 5, 2009


So, of course, I looked it up. I love the Internet. I adore Google.
This after a report I was reading on the H1N1 flu.

I also recently received an e-mail on discerning the differences between a common cold and the H1N1 flu as symptoms. Duh!

But misconceptions spread quickly during the early stages of a new disease outbreak. In Egypt, authorities culled some 300,000 pigs — even though there was no evidence that the H1N1 virus was circulating in these pigs or was actively passing from pigs to people.
Read more:,28804,1895184_1895183,00.html%20/%20ixzz0W1GSC4V8

Well according to Merriam-Webster, they were not culled. They were not even slaughtered, that’s specific….”the act of killing, specifically: the butchering of livestock for market” Humans can be slaughtered…’killing of great numbers of human beings (as in battle or a massacre)”

I understand the fear. Better safe than sorry? Panic isn’t a topic for discussion, at any time. It just is. After the panic, sanity? Maybe.

The pigs were killed, that’s all, not culled.

I smack of pompous as I be smacked down.


  1. insanity....this entire hini!

  2. ok I didnt notice i said hini instead of h1n1 until i had sent it,

  3. so does rubbing a salt water Qtip in your nostrils really work or is someone pulling a fast one...

    really scary stuff...too much of it in my neck of the woods.

  4. Having been to Egypt many times, I can only say
    you need to be there to appreciate all the
    'cull-ing' that goes on....

    This year .. in a troubled economy.. H1N1 is the cash cow for the medical profession..
    Bread and butter to me... so I can't DIS it
    too much.

  5. I got that same email and went to to check it out, apparently it isnt an urban legend .. however it did make me laugh .. I guess common sense isnt as common as I thought

  6. Each year we get a new flu that is going to be pandemic, and each year, my mother loses it, insists that no one go in public places, etcetera, etcetera.
    She is exactly the kind of person that these fear-mongerers are targeting, and the scary thing is that it works. Geez.


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