Friday, November 6, 2009

"pulling a Reichle"

SSSSH is one of the most unique organizations in the world – for we are intangible, yet everywhere, structured by pure spirit and governed only by benevolent goodness. SSSSH exists solely in the compassionate spirits of our anonymous members, for we have no address, headquarters, telephone, bank account, employees, or membership cards. Our assets are the incentive, resources, imagination, and generosity of our colleagues and our future growth is bound only by the limits of imagination and love in our members’ hearts. Our main point of contact is this WEBSITE (click on) floating around in Cyberspace. Our only bylaws are anonymity and our only requirement for membership is an unsigned letter or email with no return address describing an anonymous good deed - preferably for a total stranger. Thus, we have an estimated 40,000 members, but we do not know their names or addresses. We thrive on adventure and carry serendipity around on our shoulder. Join SSSSH now!
Please read...'Who was Hal'


  1. whoe....way cool;)

  2. helo verily . . . i live this way. the tiny, inisgnificant acts of quality that bring goodness into the world. thankless. discrete. loving. i didn't know about the organization of this way of being but it's good to know it's there. sweet. steven

  3. What a glorious thing. Thank you so much for posting this.


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