Monday, April 26, 2010

Home Home Home

Just always so nice to get to do that, everyday that you want to do that. I've come to realize, by direct reaction, that you do not always know when it will be your last.

You did not know, until it was later, that it was.

If you have ever had to sift through..'STUFF'..left behind, it makes you think about not leaving a mess of your own. or secrets.

I got an e-mail last night with amazing scenes of breath-taking PLACES. The caption eluded to the concept that if this was how earth offered up the beauty, how much absolute MORE BETTER must there be in heaven.

I replied that heaven sucks, cause if you're in it, you're dead.
With this last, I'll quantify my qualifications. None. I don't believe a President has the power to define toilet paper, let then be a leader of consequence. No worse, no better.......this one. I do, however appreciate the political cartoons and shit-howdy, I saw a goodun.

Taxpayers voting for B.O. are like chickens voting for Colonel Saunders. And yes but...not really so funny cause....he may be the best to be fricasseed by????


  1. I love the birds in the top right corner of your layout.
    Beautiful pictures are nice to look at, but the world isn't wrapped up that way. Clean up your personal clutter unless you want your children to be sifting through the life they never knew.

  2. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

  3. To some...that sifting might be an adventure. To bad for my kids...they'll need their boots on to sift through mine.

  4. Hey, don't be too sure we are going to heaven after we die. We may go to hell too! Hehe.
    Home can just be heaven on earth! Cheers!


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