Saturday, April 10, 2010

You did the right thing by putting off those important decisions, dear Aquarius, and not giving in to the pressure put upon you. You know very well that sometimes it's important just to do nothing, to relax, and to rest for the busy times ahead. Today you will feel refreshed and ready to tackle the world. You see your problems from a different point of view, and you are much more optimistic about things. Now, you can finally take a calm look at the situation.

Not a commando activist on all this here astrology stuff, but I do scratch my head at some of the right-on hits. Also wish I'd known as I was 'putting off important decisions'.....I was relaxing. I'm going to Texas next week. My parents are both MIA and I have here and now stuff to take care of and I hate it.

On the bestest side. She Who Is Ruler Of All The 2 years old today!


  1. So where in Texas are you going? Near my neck of the woods?

  2. the scopes always freek mme out, they can hit the nail on the head sometimes...

    happy bday little one, so cute;)

  3. happy birthday to the ruler of the world! safe travels...

  4. Safe travels. Birthdy wishes to the little princess.

  5. Have a safe trip... don't stay away sooo long.
    Happy Birthday to she who rules all !!


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