Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So. I think I want an Ipod. Some of you wonder what planet I've traveled from? Some of you have no clue of what I speak? I've been researching and have decided I have no idea what I'm up to. So. Your input would be great. What do you have right now and what do you wish you had that might be better? Should I wait until Verizon offers Iphone? Should I wait until September when Apple updates Ipod? My girlfriend in California is harassing me to get with it. She swears I will be a much better person with one. My text messaging is starting to get fuzzy for me. When are they gong to offer bigger print for those? OK FINE, I'll get glasses. Drat, darn, poop. Shit, if you really want to know. If I order one from Apple I get free engraving. THAT makes me giggle. If I order one from Wal-Mart I get a choice of 3 options from a bundle package. Best Buy doesn't give me squat. I did go right to the Apple products. Anyone else make them better, bigger, new and improved?


  1. i really like apple products because they are built for people who rely on intuition to figure out the details of their life. check out their deals when you're on their main page. go to "store" scroll down to "special deals".
    happy shopping! steven

  2. I have a Nano and love it. It really depends on what you want it for - I just wanted to be able to have the music I like with me - and have it in a small package. No more CD's. If you want movies and all the other things - then you have to move past the tiny and cheap Nano.

    I recommend purchasing from Apple. Their customer service is great. Returns to Best Buy can be a pain.

    I just received a little radio that the Nano sits in (and charges in) as a gift. LOVE IT! It was by Sony - but it is so nice to have all my music at my finger tips. Good luck with your purchase.

  3. I have a chrome iPod Shuffle ... its perfect because it holds 2 gig worth of music and its small enough to fit in a pocket or clip onto whatever I have on. I have an iPhone and if you buy it now, the upgrades will be automatic .. you sync your phone to your computer iTunes program and the updates get downloaded installed automatically.

    Do you have an Apple or a PC?

  4. Verily! I love my iPhone! The next best thing to the iPhone is the iPod Touch, I believe. :)

  5. my nano has been my 4 year old who thinks its the coolest thing since sliced bread. when i am allowed to use it...i love it.

  6. i have one but never use it, never even had a cell phone, don't miss it. Excuse me while i go flip my brontosaurus burgers.

  7. YES you do want an ipod, not an MP3 player but an ipod. Don't wait for updates because there's always another update on its way. I have an old ipod mini that I've used for years. Works great, not just for music either. I download podcasts like NPR's "An American Life" and the NY Times Science Times.

    And if you get speakers, you can make your own Verily Playlists, your own albums of songs.

    I am pro-ipod and I vote. Do it!


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