Saturday, July 25, 2009


There is a Latin crime in there somewhere. I think it sounds like a village in a pure forest of elves. Yes, tis true I am Princess LOrion from Nefarious. It did however pop it's evil little self into my horoscope for today. I am notoriously regaling on any possibilities of conspiracy so when I am handed permission to beware of "nefarious plans" I will run with it. The word just makes me giggle. Something you would catch the 'wizard' trying to get away with behind that big scary curtain. It's a fun word. But I guess as the stars have alerted me it is my responsibility to pay some attention if Snidely Whiplash knocks on the door. Until then I'm going to root around in these just to make sure there are no gangsta bugs running amok.


  1. beware the flowers...ha. maybe it's the thorn on the roses hidden by their beauty?

  2. there's some sort of conspiracy going on in that bouquet for sure. look at their faces. they've got the same look my son has. "don't look at me like that dad, you know it makes me laugh even though i swear i didn't do it!!"

  3. OMG you guys are making me lmao. Beware the 15 (baby) roses and Steven your Son is so right on. No one can keep a straight INNOCENT face to that 'dad' look. It really is very funny. I love your boys.

  4. Nefarious is such a great word. It sounds kind of like a main dish, as in, "I'd like the grilled nefarious with a side of asparagus."

    It could be clothing: My purple nefarious shrank when my husband washed it in hot water.

    Or it could be the latest scent from Calvin Klein: "Nefarious: for those who like to smell bad."

  5. Watch out, when Snidely twirls his mustache .. its curtains for little Nell


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