Friday, July 10, 2009

West Bound

Off to San Diego to see Little Miss Phaedra. Ruler of all the world, she who must be obeyed, Oh yes and of course my daughters. Makes me miss my parents all the more. We were passing the San Diego airport once when my oldest daughter was 4 and she announced she wanted to see Grammie and PaPa. It took me 20 minutes to figure out she thought they lived there. Phaedra is 15 months old now, I'm sure she'll have the drop on me within 3 minutes of arrival. I'm taking my vitamins and something to bribe her with. Bon Voyage to me, Happy Days for you.


  1. Enjoy ... cant wait, okay I can wait but I dont/wont like it and I will most likely whine ... now I dont know what I was going to say so .. have fun!

  2. Have fun. Grandkids are the best.

  3. enjoy the trip. kids are such fun. when we lived in FL, i imagine my boys thought gramma and grandaddy lived at the airport too. ha.


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