Thursday, July 23, 2009

East Bound Bees.

We're flying home to Florida today and these will be my travel companions. Someday...........

I intend to get caught in my pajamas.


  1. nice. flying into west palm tomorrow, myself.

  2. slippers aren't nearly appreciated enough! so comfy! easy to slip on and off...

    I actually got caught on film dancing at a New Year's Eve party (on a ship) on top of a table, in my slippers! Thing is... was included in a TV documentary (in France) about some of the people onboard... and lots of my colleagues in Belgium (when I lived there) and other random people I barely knew saw it one year over the Christmas holidays... and when I got back every day I ran into people saying "I saw you dancing on a table in your slippers!" They've got good eyes, that sequence is barely a few seconds! :p

    Ahhhh, slippers! :o)

  3. as a boy i wore slippers all the time. my students at school love when i hold "jammie" days and they can wear their humungous animal slippers. some are so funny!! have a peaceful day. steven

  4. Love them .. I wear my sheepskin slippers all year 'round .. they are comfy but not as cute as those


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