Tuesday, July 7, 2009



Home Home Home and a lovely time was had by all. We have decided to liquidate our entire portfolio and move to a condo on the beach. Dreams. We would have to trade in our 'quarter jars', his says for beer, mine says for shoes. Laundry Room. Yeah, maybe we will think on this a bit more. Getting that boat for the 'round the world' once in a lifetime would have reduced us to the laundry room too. What is going to happen when the end is near? I'm beginning to have looming visions of the bag lady in me. There she goes, that old woman and her bag of quarters.


  1. I just try not to think about eating Chinese cat food.

  2. My first comment was swamped when the storm hit earlier...
    So welcome back to blogland.
    There's no place like home...
    now click your heels , cash in the
    quarters and get the Jimmy Choo's

  3. the boat around the world...to dream.

  4. Don't settle Verily! Liquidate and follow your dream! Heck, worst case scenario, wash your knickers in the lake, lol! I know...it's nice to dream! Beautiful photos!

  5. great sunrise picture. I like it. I hope you visit my blog.thanks for share


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