Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jade Ladies

Modern. Old World. That's what I am....Old World, as long as it means something really cool. Great stuff to be said on both accounts though, I suppose. I know I can't be modern because I hear my Mom saying something about crap music but in my voice??? I guess that's all right too. I'm not a country western music kindna fan.
Even with y'all insisting it's so purty and modern too. All I hear is your dog has fleas. I've been to a Metallica concert....oh well of course not by choice but hey hold on there a minute pardner. I have to admit....witness to some very major talent with Metallica. I love Bocelli, can't take me anywhere.

The very dark green Jade Lady was purchased in Japan. 1954.
The very pale green Jade Lady was purchased in Hong Kong. 1985.


  1. nice corner of the world. two audio books bridging the gap there...old world or modern? like a nice jade sculpture, pretty versatile too when it comes to music. metallica did a show with an orchestra once...pretty amazing mix of sounds. when is it we begin to speak like our parents>

  2. The jade is beautiful, and I agree with some of the country western music. Can only take it in small batches.

  3. My tastes are all over the places .. I am not one to be pigeon-holed .. I might like something today that by tomorrow I am over ... fickle is as much a label as I can wear


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