Thursday, June 25, 2009

The best layed plans

I've had this egg routine I dance with. I cannot remember when it all started to run like a waltz. A dozen of eggs can hang in there for quite a while. Long ago we never knew that because we ate them all the time, sometimes from the back yard, difficult to remember running out of eggs. Then the sky started to fall and once, I threw eggs away. I met a bad egg, but I think he was bad when he got here. I don't think he went bad in my fridge. His buddies were still right but they were hanging with the bad egg. I ate them anyway. You can dip an egg in warm soft gooey wax and go sailing for 10 months (egg in air/not fridge) Is that so cool to know? One dozen eggs, down to 6 or 8 or 7, and then I go buy another dozen. I take the deserted dozen and boil them. Sometimes I 'H' them and put their crate underneath the new guys. Sometimes I 'H' their crate.....they still go on the bottom.

Well somewhere along the line. I become omnivorant and decide, I know. I have six or five 'H' eggs in the fridge and I have four or seven regular good ol guys, in the fridge.

Two nights ago I had a bacon/egg/cheese sandwich, so yummy, for lunch. AT 2 AM. Remember the owls? Well I know where all the eggs are. I'm clairvoyant, member?

I want egg salad for this evenings dinner 10 pm. (adjusting to the not owl) I became the oh so pompous PPLLEEAASSEE!! egg princess. Tis no longer necessary to tattoo the fowl. I take out the preferred egg crate and smack an 'H' egg on the counter and have immediately homicided a perfectly good, good ol boy egg.

4 eggs in the lemon cake. I know I KNOW it's so so bad, but it is so good. He was a good egg. I will call 911 and turn myself in right after the cake comes out of the oven. I wanted egg-salad.


  1. I'm starting to dig that word, "omnivorant." Funny I should come across your blog on eggs when two days ago I wrote about chickens...Chicken McNuggets.
    BTW, how long do eggs stay edible after their expiration date? I have not yet try to eat them even one day past expiration....

  2. Dearest wild child under the rainbow raised by wolves..only about eggs because. When I saw a ++date++ on a carton. Never knew they were there. Flipped me. I threw eggs out once when "chokeheart" ran rampant and they had been in the fridge for 5 months. I honestly do not for science know. I would guess 30 to ? days. (swear) My Grammie..if it smells bad toss it. Open it??? And trust you will know if an egg smells not good. No smell to eeww. I've had them weeks after the carton date???? Dunno.

  3. eggcellent! bacon egg and cheese...yum...searching for wax now...

  4. I wish that you would stop baking and posting pictures. I'm really trying to lost weight.

  5. WAIT, Poietes. you know me, I really don't. OMG laughing so so. I know, doesn't that look professional? I really am not a baker person.

  6. My eggs are so old are they? Seriously, they last waaaayyy beyond the date... and old eggs hard boil better than fresh eggs. You have a unique style, like it...see ya.


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