Monday, June 29, 2009

This is Austin

I started to do some stuff today. Some stuff at the back of my mind and then maybe a box of associated stuff to disperse. Fog. File. At the back of my mind. That fog of childhood memories that bring to the front some of the sweetest but so far away IN THE NOW. Like an aroma can blast you back sometimes a rememory, time remembered.

When you are reminded of a sweet place of young. When you can feel that time of used to be.

We played, first introduced, in a box like this. I let this be my moment to remember too, papers inside.
He did actually still me.


  1. funny cat! Once upon a time i used to find my kids sleeping in the darndest places, too...can you tell me why it is my puppy never seems to sleep, if I found him in a box he would be prepared to spring out to lick me!

  2. cats get into the craziest places. all well and good until she fluffed her pillow of my important papers shredding them fluffy. peace.

  3. the deep down dive into "that time of used to be" is always treasure-filled. when i was a lot younger than today, i played inside a wicker-stool. it was a boat. a beautiful alone for me boat. i sailed across the carpet ocean until sweet treats were brought on board and then tied the ship to the dining-table dock where i snaffled them down to the pleasure of my adoring crew. have a peaceful day. steven

  4. Awwww...

    Our Rosie will sleep on any piece of paper she sees and will get into or sit/sleep on any box no matter the size...

  5. Austin is obviously a calming influence on your racing mind. That's a good thing. Follow his lead sometimes. Find someplace comfortable, curl up and have a nap.

  6. Austin is so cute. That box looks really comfy, like a cocoon!


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