Monday, June 22, 2009

I saw mugs at the Manor and although I may NEVER be invited over again....I had a riot of a time. As all great almost went to jail stories go, the longer ago, the more very fine sweet details come front to face through the haze. Any which way. I didn't break anything but sometimes the only sense I have is the humor one. Willow is such beauty and all she gives us is too. I would be the red-headed step-cousin. I can say's red, and I'm cultivated weird. Been working on that for a bit, getting better and better. So I have a mug-shot too. Oh wait no, I have mugs that I shot, yes yes, that's it. AND I HAVE an accomplished friend. Implicated. And I have permission, well I'm trying to behave every once in a while......very while. Besides, I feel almost close to all grown up when I have permission and not in jail. omg, too much fun.

Thanks (many) to 'on the m104' for sharing this picture with me.
Willow (pleaseplease) will forgive me, she is sweet grace. On a completely unrelated note of interest please please go visit Daryl. who by all means is not implicated here. Maybe some place else but not here.


  1. you know, it's always a surprise when i show up here, but i always leave with a smile. hope you have a great start to your week.

    ps my desk is in a state of what i call controlled chaos, others may find it a mess.

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  3. I agree .. us organized peeps are all about laziness .. and I am totally LOL at the photo of the boob mugs I took in SoBe .. I am sure they will make Willow laugh til she cries ..

  4. Thank you Daryl for sharing these mugs and your South Beach trip was great fun.

  5. Hi Verily! Great mug shots! :-) Btw, I got your email, sent you the invitation, haven't heard from you so I wanted to make sure you got it!

  6. Mine's a mess. Know where everything is...right there on the desk---somewhere. Mr. Frank got me that mug, I have no idea what it means??? LOL!!


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