Saturday, June 6, 2009

Doing some part too.

World Oceans Day
I want to help with this too. Lover of Life @LIFE IN THE SECOND HALF has been posting information on this upcoming project so for my part I'd like tp pass this on to anyone that has not known. ya go.

This is your assignment. Homework due Monday 6/8/09. Turn it in, EASY "A", everybody gets one.


  1. It made me sad to learn that the trash they found in the ocean did not belong to the plane that crashed. There's so much trash in the ocean, it's awful.

    And yet the ocean will outlive the trash by a long shot. The plastic will dissolve, finally, and the cigarette butts, old Nike shoes, oil barrels and other crap will be subducted and melted in the mantle layer of this marvelous planet.

    I do love the sea. I do. Thanks.

  2. Yes Reya. She remains, with or without us, a beaut. (excellent)


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