Monday, June 15, 2009

Since 1964

My very first experience with this was thanks to my friend who is now in Atlanta. She sent this to me when she still lived in San Diego. This along with some cute little cookie thing, product of Mexico. The cookie box emptied but there was still this yummy spread. Always the case. Graham crackers are a perfect foil. She would also send me wonderful treasures that were purloined. They must have been. I'm sure. Federal trade commission faux pas. Transportation of goods across state lines, in an airplane....worse. Non-Compete cross pollination. Yea, babbling, I have no idea what I'm talking about. Except, it's about food so can't be all bad. Where I live. There is no Trader Joe's where I live. Do you know Trader Joe? My girlfriend would send me care packages. Contraband. When my parents lived overseas, after visits stateside, my Mom would smuggle tortillas in her suitcase. Trader Joe's is in Georgia now, where's mine? Nutella is not to be refrigerated or microwaved. I am in complete awe/denial about stuff we eat, gooey stuff, that needs no refrigeration. I don't understand.

This is my second jar of Nutella. In my whole life. My very first time was in 2005. This is the very stuff that sends us to therapy. It's so good, we must deny ourselves. This is so good we must resist. No No Nutella. I will want a piece (or three) of pizza. No No Nutella. I will want to

179,000.00 tons a year. French Nutella has less sugar content than Italian Nutella. It does not go in the refrigerator. I'm baffled, and do you know what this would be perfect on. Perfect?


  1. lol. you gave me a good laugh to usher me into dreamland...nutella on a doughnut! omg. ok, maybe if it was a really rough day. smiles.

    coffee is my pleasure of choice. much too much.

  2. You are a woman after my own heart...

    And why doesn't it need refrigeration?

  3. Great for chocolate crepes..
    just the ticket on a cold morning walking along the Seine...

  4. I guess it doesn't need refigerating in the same way peanut butter doesn't. But if the summer gets really hot I keep it in the fridge.

    NUTELLA!!!! yummmmmmmm

    I first discovered Nutella in summer 1989 when I was vacationing alone (for the first time!) in France with various families friends of my parents. I was extremely picky back then -foodwise- and one of the families finally asked me what I liked in my sandwiches, the gringa in me said "peanut butter", so the mom goes out to get some, but in small town France that was impossible to find so she brought back a jar of Nutella and said "try this". My politeness genes kicked in and I did... and it's been a loving relationship ever since!
    But for years the stuff was next to impossible to find. I lived in Mexico at the time, and when in my Junior year of High School you could finally find it in some stores I was ectsatic! Nothing so yummy as dipping a spoon in that jar and just enjoying... Or lathering a slice of baguette... yum! I even had my sister convinced that she didn't like so there's be more for me! (she discovered my ruse a few years later). And every once in a while I'd get a jar and take it to school along with a dozen "bolillos" (buns) and inform my friends in class that I'd brought dessert for lunch... you should have seen their eyes light up!

    I must admit to having been unfaithful to Nutella these past years... Not with the Spanish equivalent Nocilla (ugh! no hazelnuts!), but with Belgian alternatives. Having learnt to appreciate GOOD chocolate in Belgium (and having gained a penchant for dark chocolate), I stopped eating Nutella as I found it a bit too sweet, and instead moved on to Côte d'Or's "Noir de Noir" spread. Dark chocolate on toast... yummmmm!!!
    My supply is running low, I'll have to remember to stock up on my bext trip to Belgium! :o)

    damn, you've made me hungry! and I just finished breakfast! Maybe a chocolatey slice of toast with another cup of tea won't hurt... and then I'll go swim it off...

  5. You are missing the real 'perfect' way .. fill the inside of a jelly donut with Nutella ...

    Pizza .. oh now that is my true down fall .. I hold my breath and run past pizza joints

    Trader Joe here in Manhattan? The size of a shoe box and crowded no matter when you go .. order online or head to Whole Foods

  6. Nutella is ... what is it? Not exactly food, not exactly dessert, not exactly anything or anything else.

    I think it's imported from another planet! Sure is good, though!

  7. of the best things that ever came over from Europe...besides me... hehehe
    My mom is coming for a visit in July and I have a whole list of stuff she will have to smuggle ;)

  8. Nutella is evil! For me anyway. It's one of those things that only lasts a few days...with all of my spoons sitting in the sink from having "just one more spoonful", yeah I eat it from the jar!!

  9. Verily! OMG! There's this French Crepe place at my friendly neighborhood money pit, I mean mall. That was my first encounter with Nutella and a weird love affair ensued. I think maybe we should all send you a bottle each as a peace offering to keep you well stocked! :)

  10. Nutella! I had completely forgotten about this wonderful food in a jar. Just one more spoonful is exactly right, but when that happens, the jar empties too quickly.

    Ack on the donut, though. That would be way too sweet. Better idea. Eat the Krispy Kreme donut first, and then cleanse your palate with Nutella.

    Must find some Nutella now. Must not let Brett know that it is good. Must have my own jar. Need it now.

  11. I can't help you with the composition of Nutella in the States but here in France it's sugar, vegetable oil, hazelnuts, cocoa, powdered milk and lecithin.
    I know. Saying 'Nutella' sounds much tastier.

  12. mmmmm... I'm making crepes for breakfast this morning, and guess what's going on them?! :o)


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