Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I'm tired. I'm working nights and I suck at it. I'm going to whine. Mr. Frank has a government job for a couple of weeks so they have to work when there is the least impact on 'the peoples'. So now that you are all tucked in he does some mad-scientist beaker deal and big noisy water spitting saw thing and really hot oven stuff. He's the one mixing and checking the goo that gets smeared all over the roads for us to drive/ride on. I voulnteered to come to his office and spruce up his filing because....well...he's a mad-scientist. I put a piece of black felt hanging from a pole on the window, behind the blinds, so the sun can't find him. Cave man.

I volunteered. I was warned a long time ago (in my youth) not to put it on paper and not to voulnteer. So.........LMAO...........here I am, spilling my guts to you guys and working in the dark.


  1. Welcome to the my world...
    working while 'the others' are
    away... then i get to play all
    day while they are here occupying space.
    No wonder I am the sleepless one.

  2. : ) hope you night passed quickly.

  3. Faye my dear I WONDERED why you are up at (seems) all hours and DUH me! "Sleepless in Gv"

    Thanks Brian, last night was my 5th night but not all in a row, weekends get in the mix. I get very confused at to what day it is.

  4. Watch out, there are some insomniac gators in Gainesville .. love those owls!

  5. Nice photo Verily! That would have been me and the boys last night, them having a hard time digesting their new diet, and me up worrying about them! I hope you see some sunlight today!

  6. Aren't they so lovable? If they'd hold still I'd like to smush kisses on their faces. You are a bit of a night-owl too aren't you?

    Daryl, gators in the dark already have me headed for under the bed...no maybe on top of the table??

  7. Those guys are funny! They are like, "hey, hey, hey what's going on, whats up, what are you doing, I can't see, whats up?!"

  8. Love the picture.

    I'm trying to amend my night owl ways. I am still staying up until 3or 4 in the morning, and then gettng up very late. I used to get up at 5 and workout before work every morning, so I suppose my body is making up for that insanity.


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