Thursday, June 18, 2009

How do these things happen? How does a perfectly well operating anything decide to unravel itself? I have this little black box thing that operates my Internet system. On the front of it runs a bunch of tiny green lights. It's all working perfectly fine and then it isn't. How? I call my service to bemoan my fate and belittle their stinking piece o doodee company full of grade school graduates. A wonderful kind polite 12 year old gets on the phone with me and asks if anything is unplugged. 10 minutes later, he asks me to please look for him. I huff and harrrumph, get up off my behind, climb onto my furniture, hang upside down over the back of my desk (purposefully left catty-wampus for just such medical emergencies) and yep, there it is. Unplugged. I in my infinite olympic back-stroke say something cute and silly and so so and well, so. HE is even nicer and says, it's quite all right Miss..........(miss, he calls me miss) these things can happen sometimes and yes I understand it's quite frustrating. It probably happened right after you dusted.

I am a direct descendant of Erma Bombeck and he called me Miss. I adore my Internet service.

How do these things happen??


  1. Ok... so this made me giggle...
    checking to see if it ( that would
    be any and all things ) is plugged in
    must be written in every service rep's manual.. hey, sometimes that
    works... other times you need a
    hammer and beat the bee-geebies
    out of it... No .. that won't necessarily make it work.. but you sure feel better after.

  2. oh yes, this thing happens quite a bit! it's gotten so whenever something stops working around here (or my parents call to ask if I know how to fix something) the FIRST thing I do is check the plug! Sometimes I'll even unplug it and then plug it back in just in case it looked plugged in but wasn't really! :p

  3. smiles. funny stuff...i'm with faye...all else fails get the hammer, preferably after you check the plugs.

  4. ha ha ha...this is funny...when stuff like that happens i start to understand why people throw computer equipment out window...heheh

  5. Oh my goodness! I hate being called 'Sir'. I usually come back with something witty like, "Oh? Is my dad here?" ;)

  6. I probably would have faked out of sheer embarrassment! "Oh yes, of course it's plugged in! But why is there a red beeping light going one? Oh, I"ll try rebooting...there it goes! Thanks!" LOL.

  7. Ooh. Same thing happened to me one time, and I was equally huffy at first, and then huffier when person on other end of phone asked if it was unplugged, then shamefully abashed as I had to admit that, uhm, yes, it was unplugged.

    Miss. How quaint.


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