Monday, June 1, 2009

Here kitty kitty!

Oh I've done a bad thing, a torturous thing, an evil thing. By all accounts, it is a brave new world to believe they could be friends. I think so. Stranger than fiction and very entertaining. I am a very loving pet owner and this cat, in particular, holds my heart for huge reasons, but like children, some torture is appropriate. I told my 9 year old daughter that diatomaceous earth was ground up elephant bones. Riot of a tale there but not par to Cotton Candy. He was a charming visitor....for a little while. Enlarge the pics for full effect, except the one of the squirrel up close. The window needs washing.


  1. LOL! Elephant bones? What a terrific squirrel pic.

  2. When worlds collide!

    Glad there was glass between them.

  3. That squirrel is huge...
    must be something in your water.


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