Monday, June 22, 2009

I grew up in San Diego, California. I am a Princess. Whomever that offends.....get over it and any one jealous....someone has to be, it was me. Ask my Dad. There are no ants/alligators/ants/mosquitoes/ants/sand fleas/ants...did I say ants?.... in San Diego. no ants that bite people.

I'm in Florida and you cannot lay on the grass and watch clouds. You cannot lay on the grass and count stars. You walk on the grass but do not stop, just keep moving. I want to have
ant bait
people over next weekend to play Ladder Golf and celebrate.

Mr. Frank got a new patio set for Dad's day and the board walk at the back of the property is almost done. It would be our first party here. The Lizards and Snakes under the board walk. Ok wait. LMAO, really, sorry. OK, so and the Squirrels all over wherever they want...pretty much sets us for some fun. I want to play Ladder Golf in the grass. So I fed them today. The ants. I've done so before when the have totally INVADED some spot not meant for them or I needed for them to be gone. Always thought they were gone. Fine. Dead. Oh please, they just move. I never noticed. Deny deny deny, court posturing. I actually have been fine with this. They are not allowed in my kitchen, have never pushed the issue. Well, I copped an attitude today and decided I could kill them. It's illegal to own an anteater in Florida or transport them or something. So I fed them. I have seen before the terror, Chicken Little. They settle, then take new offerings into the hole. Today. Today, they picked up the debris and ran away from the entrance to the city. Each one of them to pick up poison left. I don't smush spiders. What was I thinking? Did you know there are mosquitoes on St Thomas but not on St. John? There are no fleas in Connecticut.


  1. lol. listening to you train of thought as it whistles on

  2. I'm going to San Diego on Friday! :)

  3. Going for fun I hope Meeko, have a wonderful time.

    ty Brian, you keep me in smiles too.

  4. Oh I am so hoping they be gone now

  5. Never, I repeat never, allow ants to take over your kitchen, or your bathroom, for that matter. It's very unnerving to be sitting on the throne and pondering life and then suddenly look to the left and see a line of ants marching up the wall. Egads.

    No fire ants, though, or red ants, or biting ants, or stinging ants, just little black obnoxious ones.


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