Sunday, June 14, 2009

I saw some red slippers today. Reya has snatched them from the museum so I'm thinking our yard project had best be pushed to the front burner so there is some road to follow. I've relied on those shoes myself a few times. Since I couldn't get the earth to swallow me up on command I would have to break out the shoes. What in heavens name would happen if Mr. Frank found his wonderful deck path painted fire hydrant yellow?? This is where the grass doesn't grow so he is building a lizard playground and a snake path. (we will never see them)......good snake. Every job needs a project manager and we have one of the very best on the block. She comes very highly recommended and whenever she wants. This is Sophie. I can't pet her. She pets me. If I totally ignore her she will put her nose in my hand and then when I reach out to touch... she bolts. Then she trots back over and I raise my hands up and roar at her. She is off like a cannon ball. She loves to run. She and Mr. Frank are getting all the fine details, detailed.

She is a good neighbor and her people are too.

You can see that this project is extremely complex and needs a good eye or four, as the path goes from there to here.

With, of course the highest grade construction materials and the newest innovations of the industry. The wheel. The very fast spinning metal wheel.


  1. i have been enjoyig your last few posts! cave dwelling, deep sea explorations, dark side of the moon ... love the owls, and who is Sophie??? all a breath of fresh air ;-) THANKS

  2. nice. you have such interesting way of explaining
    ...would be interested in seeing a finished project pic. good neighbors are priceless

  3. Do you expect Dorothy to come back for the red slippers?

  4. I'd love to see that a bright yellow! Would go well with the shoes :)

  5. Thank you Val very much, my imagination will never shine as your reality does. Sophie is that cute little red head (puppy) from next door that flirts with Mr. Frank. Daryl, do you suppose she will be hopping mad to find them missing? Thanks Brian, very appreciated. You write so beautifully.

  6. Verily! Don't be angry with me! No! I'm sorry I vanished. I was off on Friday and I spent the weekend celebrating the existence of alcohol with friends! LOL :) I promise to be better.

  7. I think that bright yellow would be perfect, but of course, you would also need to add a few vertical lines here and there so as to create the faux brick effect.

    I've been wanting to use those red shoes for years, but as Reya pointed out, they are too small. My size 81/2 feet won't fit into Judy's size 5 ruby slippers. More's the pity.

  8. the path from there to here often gets tricky round the middle, yes? A good thing Sophie keeps an eye on it.
    Yellow is a good idea - perhaps with red shoe prints?

    Cheers from the confuser.

  9. ahh poietes you must trust those shoes, they will fit only you when needed. Can you just hear a riot of an explanation to my engineer about yellow paths and red shoe prints. SO FUN!

    mum, I think I adore you.


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