Thursday, April 23, 2009

Arbor Day

Since it's founding in 1872 this day has been the last Friday in April. That's tomorrow for us this year nationally but it was also mentioned that every state has their own Arbor Day. Wednesday we planted a tree/bush/weed, yay for Earth Day. 20 million people celebrated the first Arbor day in 1970. How do they know that? 20 million? Earth Day must bring bazillions to the party. So I guess we can plant the poinsettia tomorrow? Yes from Christmas. I do this every year and this year this sweet plant has been healthy and happy and oh so patient. I've done this all backwards haven't I? The Rose of Sharon should have gone in the ground tomorrow and the poinsettia yesterday. It's all ok, we planted a real tree, a Bradford Pear, on 4/11/09 for my Mom so all the rest is icing. Call off the dogs.

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