Friday, April 17, 2009


Do you know Pandora? I've subscribed. Not because it offers uninterrupted music or forgoes the ads but because I wanted to support their service. Sitting at my desk and listening to 'my' Craig Chaquico radio or any one of many created is so awesome. No subscription required, hugely recommended, do try. The 2009 Jazz Cruise is 75% full and I had all of yesterday to book with complimentary travel insurance. I do remember looking into the Jazz Cruise information after I heard that the one for 2008 with Kenny G was setting sail. That November sail date even if offered was to be missed anyway. We had cruise tickets for Haiti on Thanksgiving with turkey and all the cruise trimmings. I thought I might have some misgivings about Haiti, hearing about the unrest and poverty. All for naught. Labadee is a virtually gated peninsula operated by the cruise line. One big happy family fun picnic. I may have to stick to discounted cruise offers, the Jazz Cruise is a bit pricey. Maybe I can check out any last minute screaming deals??? Probably not.
Craving Cruising.
Never with a book. I'm hoping to sight a whale or spy a submarine. Perhaps some thought needs to be expended on this years destination...

Oh yeah and maybe a down payment for a reservation?

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