Monday, April 27, 2009

Well of course I'm disappointed. We got presents and they are little. I wanted BIG Ones. They also looked a little bit tired, somewhat worse for the wear. "I will hug them and pet them and squeeze them and call them George" We will document together the progress of all our new little Georges. I will take pictures of my motley crew today or tomorrow (or Saturday). Ok, maybe I should just go do that right now so I can show you some magic. Wow, I'm getting cocky. What if they don't grow? What if.......hmmm. I don't make promises. Never. I will make a statement to "try" but never a promise. I believe it can rock the boat and afford you a slap down. My answer for all of that is...If I make a promise, then I will get a flat tire. Not in my control is perfectly understandable to intelligence but what happens to a very bright and understanding 6 year old that thought she was going to Disneyland? They promised. Well ya know what? They got a flat tire. It is just no fun at all to suffer our disappointments no matter what size they are. When we are small size the disappointments should be too, as much as is humanly possible for a parent to manage. Lots of time to get it socked to you. Plenty.

I think a day or four to acclimate from their journey and some recovery time from buried in the ghost turds is a very good idea .


  1. In total agreement on the disappointment issue. Little ones for little people, please.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog ~

  2. Thanks for your comments on my blog.
    It is a learning experience.
    Pass the cookie jar over this way.....

  3. Thanks for the visit this way also....I share, cookies for everybody.

  4. "I will hug them and squeeze them and call them George . . ." I love that quote. I used to say it all of the time, and then I would use my stupid voice and say "George? George?" Of course, my boyfriend at the time was named George, so he obviously got tired of it after the first 100 times or so.


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