Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's Nine O'clock on a Saturday

Somewhere there is a mower buzz, sometimes two at a time. There is a polite quiet suspense to Saturday mornings. Who will begin first? I believe the law allows 8 o'clock but praise the sanity of my neighborhood because no one has ever been so pompous. Miss Dottie started today on our left. Sweet Jason has a new wife and a newer baby, on our right. I doubt we see him this morning. Sweet Jason also has a riding mower, a green one. The green ones are highly prized, I have surmised. Mr. Frank is outside now buzzing away in our yard with some sort of red one that you more OR less chase. Sweet Jason and Mr. Frank used to coordinate their buzzing on Tuesdays after work but it is early in the season and only the second mowing of spring. It's cool with a breeze. Anxious, chomping at the bit, enthusiastic exuberance. Sweet Jason used to mow with Eli the passenger until Eli the passenger received his own 4-wheeled battery powered little buzzy thing. Great fun to watch the two of them. Next we await the new passenger, Charlie.

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