Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Slave Labor

Muhlenbergia capillaris

I did not want my horoscope for today. I had melancholy yesterday afternoon and wasn't convinced I should be pert so quick. Seemed unconscionable. My mention of losing Marian was quick and flip, meant to belittle my sorrow. I received an e-mail from her son in Ontario letting me know his mom was gone. I wanted to cry so hard it caused amnesia. My Mom is gone and now Marian is gone. It all happened too fast. They were neighbors in Livingston, Texas and I want them back.

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April 21, 2009 Daily Aquarius horoscope:
Today is a fantastic day for you, dear Aquarius, so enjoy yourself fully. Your emotions will be stable, and you will find that you have a very expansive sense of well-being. Your self-confidence is strong and you should use this to your advantage. This energy may be subtle, but if you tune in to it early in the day and set a plan for what you want to get accomplished, you will find that you can be quite productive.

I had an appointment to get my hair cut this morning...so I went. The usual joy of pampering was wasted on me. The last time I got my hair cut was designed to lift my spirits and to put an end to my self-punishment. It was spur of the moment, walk-in.. and worked wonders until.... I walked into the house and wanted to show my Mom how cute my hairs were. She wasn't here. I miss her so much.

Hi Mom, what are you doing? AARRGGHH!! Slave Labor. She was washing her husbands clothes.
I did laundry all afternoon. Laundry I was supposed to get done on Friday or Sunday or Monday. Now all washed away.

Mr Frank and I are going out to dinner tonight. I'm cute with short hair and I'm hungry

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