Friday, April 24, 2009

When Pigs Fly!

Today Well Lived, Makes Yesterday a Dream of Happiness and Tomorrow, a Vision of Hope. I have no idea who said so but this sits on my desk in a small frame and cheers me. A gift from a friend out of the blue. Gift out of the blue not the friend although that would be charming. It would be nice if all our yesterdays were happy. Oh wait, I read that book, didn't turn out too cool. Do we make our own or does it just come to us? Are we allowed at the expense of another? Are some more deserving than others?

One day, if we took one day and did not do one bad thing, ALL OVER THE WORLD, not even the slightest bad thing. What would that look like? Always forever the hope.

I also have this sticker sitting on my desk that makes me giggle. I have always said, if that were the case we would all have bigger umbrellas.

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  1. If everyone in the world spent one day just being good, imagine how all of the politicians would feel at the end of the day . . . major heartburn. Unfortunately, I believe that some people have just forgotten how to be good, or worse, some people have never known how to be kind to others.

    Stinks, doesn't it?


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