Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Iron Overdose

I have a Marilyn Monroe bathroom. C'est tres chic. It is just really only cute. I'm wanting to put up a new shower curtain in her bathroom. The existing one is C-through and provides great bright light so you just don't feel so squashed in. If I use the new one, Marilyn will be in Paris and it may bring some gloom. The colors are nice and now I will want a claw-foot tub. NOT. I got over that eons ago...sorta. Which brings me smack dab up to the next part of my project that I am going to object to VEHEMENTLY, which I can't even say without spitting and that's how mad I am. The Iron. I have to find it. The last time I used it was at Christmas time on the tablecloth and that's only because squirting at the wrinkles and dryer tumbling failed. It's in the shed in a box with decorations? Oh jeez/louise, could be. I have to iron the shower curtain. Seriously. I'll bet some one out there doesn't even own one. My daughter asked me a long time ago what that thing was up against the door. What's an iron?? Long enough ago that it probably looked like the ones you set on the stove. I smiled so big, I was so tickled.

So let's check out the Marilyn Bathroom. A towel draped over the gown quotes "Ever notice that 'what the hell' is always the right decision?" There is a clock on the counter, pink, designer, dated, twirly thing A beautiful gift. I broke the globe cleaning it so the yucky glued part goes in the back. And so yes to be true, I do have a claw foot tub (forgot that). It's white with black spots like a cow. You can see just a smidgen of it beside the clock and it holds tissues, just splayed out in it. I had no other idea what to use it for...more beauty gifts...There is a beautiful framed print in the shower of her with a towel pressed up against her neck and shoulder, like she just got out of the shower. There is a collectors plate on the side wall, not pictured and a calendar behind the door. The calendar used to demand a major scouting expedition every year. We finally have that dialed-in. All those little prints (9 total) are from, THE OLD OAKEN BUCKET engraved by W.B. Closson. Well, I guess we are going to see how well Marilyn enjoys Paris...... as soon as the Iron is unearthed.

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  1. "what the hell" yes. said the same right before I jumped...into the resevoir from a 30 ft tower. Dumb ass kid, me.


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