Thursday, April 16, 2009


He is so loved but omg he is a meany butt. Teased as a tiny kitten and taken away from his brothers and sisters way too early. He gets a nasty attitude mach 7 and bites. Not knowing that biting hurts he goes to the bone. OK, well that was at one time the case. I thought I would have to wait for all his teeth to fall out before I got my sweet lovey cat. When he was little, the second you raised your hand over his head, (TO PET HIM) he would get his shot in first. Wrapping his wiggly soft body around your arm and chomping clawing away until you pealed him off. My Father thought this was very entertaining until he started to put the pounds on. He was disciplined properly for all his crimes but as soon as my Dad said a harsh word or swatted at him he would feel so bad that the cute itty bitty kitty was snuck a cookie (kitty treat) and scooped up for cuddles. I vaguely recall this was my Fathers approach with his children too. I will share the famous spanking event another time. My Dad got him in 2001 and named him Bozo. My Mother insisted the cat was his, lock, stock and potty pan. All went famously well in the house with the wretched cat from an alley in hell until my Dad started to make noises about how much I loved the cat and the cat loved me. I kept refusing, thinking it would break my Dad's heart. My Mom finally convinced me he really couldn't handle him anymore and truly did want me to have him. Their next trip to Florida from Texas was to deliver the precious cat cargo. I named him Austin and my Dad said he responded to it because it sounds close enough to little asshole....yes, a term of endearment. I can pet him now, he tolerates 3 swipes and then lays his ears back. The first time he got in my lap made me laugh. We both looked at each other and then he got down. He looked like, "holy guacamole" what am I doing up here? He has softened up tons, really.

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