Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Phaedra Rae

This is a wonderful way to start my afternoon. I quit my job two weeks ago. A very cute doctor removed my appendix last month while I was supposed to be playing with Phaedra and what does STAT mean? I'm out the door headed for the tax man feeling like that rabbit racing for the hole. Racing for that hole and knowing the only objective is to begin the adventure. Did 2008 present itself with a nasty hairdo and a meaner attitude than necessary for some of you too? I'm so relieved to be clear of my very prickly star chart. Blame the heavens, chastise the gods. Yes, never mind, it's 2009. Lofty aspirations that I'm ready to embrace. So what if it's already April? I'm a slow starter, I procrastinate, I'm nurturing my inspirations, I'm.....a whale of a tall tale teller. You can already tell, can't you? Phaedra lives in California and I am in Florida. My Grandbaby. Do you think she wants to say something or wants to hear something?

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