Monday, April 20, 2009

Blowin in the wind

Mondays are my favorite day of the week. I'd like to believe that I have an innate propensity for all things of good beginnings so I should pile Mondays with great expectations. I choose to take that day that creates moans and groans and whining from most of humanity and make it positive. Ready...? Set.... Go..!
Without a Monday I would never get a Sunday, the very best day of the weekend. Sundays are pajama days, football games (I wish mightily the season would, oh please, be ever so much longer) and a pedicure. Sprawled all over the living room floor with chips n dip and too many colors of polish to be able make a decision, I turn to the trusted polish authority. I make Mr. Frank choose. I have to sneak off to the toe parlour every once in a while for oranges because Mr. Frank is not very found of them.
The 2009 schedule of NFL games has been released and Mr. Madden is leaving me. I was shocked. Just have to wait until all the way to August for the games to begin without him and I am sad. Chargers are my heart, Green Bay has my school colors, I have a crush on Dan Marino, the Saints were the biggest underdog for awhile so I cheered with all my might for them (poor babies) and everybody loves to hate the Raiders. I grew up on the west coast and have to confess, game times suck on the east coast. I say so every year.

the answers my friend,
Wow! Sucks. Marian is gone, left me too. la la de de la la. Tonic and gin but actually I think she tolerated vodka and a lemony/limeony soda thing with her next door neighbor in a park in Texas to jut a moment in time with some football.

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