Thursday, April 30, 2009


Something of a memory. Narvick Odyssey. Brown eyes, very different brown. What's your name? He tells me. Sorry, I didn't catch that (I did too hear him) what did you say your name was? Narvick? I said it in my head 5/6 times, it was hard to plant. Different..What's your middle name? Odyssey. HA. OK. Narvick Odyssey like so your last name is like Smith, right? I started to giggle in my dream and woke up. I thought the name several times so I might remember it in full awake mode. How can this come to a mind?? I was looking into those eyes when I asked his name. So I had to ask twice and watch his lips in order to pay attention. I can't explain this color of brown, it was beautiful, a light bought from outside, through his, into mine for a price but they also looked a bit familiar for some other reason, so Narvick Odyssey { ? } it is.

In the morning when we rise....that's the time I love the best of the sparkling green corn, Donovan. Green is my very favorite, color. Not the kind of green babies make. Hunter, British Racing, Forest greens and anything emerald set in gold. My Dad asked me if I liked diamonds and I said I thought emeralds were prettier. I got diamond earrings for my 16th birthday with an apology that he had no idea the outrageous value of emeralds. I of course absolutely love my first diamonds. I had no idea about emeralds............they were green, that's all. Now green is slathered all over the face of the universe. Well it was MY color first. I hope it does not become a bore. Yes, you're right it isn't my shade is it? Very well, carry on.

A Coral Rose. The very best color after green, is coral. I left this behind when I ran. So many stories of this calm, quiet, coral rose... in another place and time. She does grace to a blue sky and rises to do portrait for a pure white wall, then quietly stills beside a flaming red. I have craved to see and touch this again. I have needed and denied a rose for so long...ALMOST did one last year, got so close but then I would have had to choose a color. This year has tugged and pulled and grabbed and once again I almost picked one to bring home. What color? All the while, ever disappointed. Until today. I've been found.

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  1. There's a poem in there somewhere.


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