Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Age of Aquarius?

Mercury goes direct today. Allows clarity and opportunity to get back on track.

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May 31, 2009 Daily Aquarius horoscope:
The expression "turning point in your destiny" often brings a smile to cynical people's faces, but in your case, dear Aquarius, it definitely has some meaning. This turning point can take the form of a new person in your life, or a key event that changes things forever. Sometimes, things that we only hear about actually happen. Something like this will be happening for you in the coming months.

I love Google. Mercury Retrograde Knowing the next time Mercury goes retrograde might prepare you better. Mark it on your calendar and see how this time effects your living. It has been said this period is not the best time for major purchases or contractual agreements. Only because things may need to be undone to do again. Also note communications can be technically egregious. The toaster acts up, the fricken/fracken computer is a poop, these kinds of irritants abound, Mercury retrograde. I bump myself into things (walk into walls??) It irritates me that it seems that someone has moved things.

These are the dates I have, may differ by hours, depending??
Mercury Retrograde, September 6 thru 29. December 6 thru January 15.

This does fascinate me so I share. Age of Aquarius - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


  1. Love the picture - must check out mercury retrograde.

  2. I am also an Aquarian .. figures .. when's yours? Mine is Feb 7

  3. First, I never know whe Mercury is in retrograde or what that is supposed to mean for me as I am also an Aquarius (1/23). If it means more stumbling and falling, then it must be in retrograde a lot.

    Second, love the picture. So ethereal.

    Third, I'm old enough to remember the Age of Aquarius song..............

  4. Yeah me too on the song. Feb, 10 for me. Bunch of us here, yes not surprising. Not even Miss Lover Scorpio. OH THAT IS TOO funny. Mercury retrogrades 4 times this year.


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