Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day

had traditionally been an occasion for popular and often raucous celebrations, regardless of the locally prevalent political or religious establishment.

As Europe became Christianized the pagan holidays lost their religious character and either changed into popular secular celebrations, as with May Day, or were replaced by new Christian holidays as with Christmas, Easter, and All Saint's Day. In the twentieth century, many neopagans began reconstructing the old traditions and celebrating May Day as a pagan religious festival again. Wikipedia.

Friday can call for a party planned or one dropped from a hat.


  1. My favorite Beltane celebration (as we did it in San Francisco) was the leaping of the bonfire. Allegedly, jumping over a fire with another person cleanses the relationship.

    We made showy fires in cauldrons full of epsom salts soaked with rubbing alcohol - it's a cool fire with a lot of flame. Then we took hands and leaped over it.

    People jumped with their lovers, their kids - even their dogs. It was always the most joyous moment.

    I liked the Maypole, too. Last year we had a blogger maypole - lots of fun.

    Happy Beltane!

  2. oooh don't mention maypole to me... I could
    have nightmares of dancing the maypole and having my idiot partner break his ribbon..
    An awkward finish and humiliating for a
    little fifth grader who didn't want to dance
    in the first place....

  3. Beltrane?? I will go look. I am so laughing...not good to let me know about cool new ways of fire. My family camped and I was always the fire poker, fascinates. OOOHH, I remember a 5th grade horror story too. oops, so sorry. OH WORSE, 6th grade dance period. Thank you both so much.


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