Friday, May 29, 2009

Well, you started it.

Conversations of "if we win the lottery" are always very fun. What would you do first? Where would you go first? Sometimes I say something very stupid, like.."is that all it is?" Jackpots around here start out at 3 million. This dejected whining comment always makes Mr. Frank laugh. So then I laugh too and....duh! Yes exactly, thank you very much, nothing at all wrong with a whole bunch of money in our pockets. Thank you very much. Tahiti is our fantasy, maybe mine but Mr. Frank will tag along too. Recently we have considered a European cruise, discussing a first class ticket for one of the flights. Fantasies and dreams and desires and goals. A bit of a trickle down effect to be sure. We are allowed and encouraged to handle our fantasies, with a whole lot of reality. Precious dreams are not to be squashed. Our desires are usually right there in front of our noses. Goals. Those are the ones we have to be very careful with. I believe the power of my voice. Saying makes it so. Oh yes, what does come to mind? "Be careful what you wish for". So, what if I SAY I do not want to die here? I know this for my fact. A goal. Discounting the bus and the plane theory, ( ok yeah and any other wild 'if/whens') I cannot fail at my goal. Right? Absolute power. Excepting that I have no power. I could be in Tahiti and get hit by a bus. Ta-Da! I could be on a cruise in the med and get landed on by a plane. Ta-Da! There is a very real comfort in all of that for me because I have this behemoth faith. I hope when I go, I can get in a..."ok, fine, here works for me". I am an optimistic realist. An over the top positive person that is smart. I hope either your face is all squirreled up or you are laughing. I don't know what it means either. I have bad moments, sad minutes. I see most all things bad as a movement towards better. I don't do heaven or hell. It's all right here for me so I'm taking care of it now as best I can.
222 million in a power ball we are a part of. Someone in Ohio I think got it. We have no idea who participates in it. Thought is was just adjoining states, shared borders or something. With that kind of moolah, I would be tempted to try to save Haiti..........or something?

My Dad always said you have to play to win. We forget that part alot.

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  1. :) what a nice win the lottery...hehhe. I would buy a huge motorhome and travel around the country ... or buy a ranch ... or.. or... or...

    Go visit my blog you got an award today :)

  2. Hi Verily!!! Nice post! You have hidden treasures in all of your words. You have to play to win. Risk, face your fear, don't be stagnant...wonderful! You know, when I was deep in workaholism, I always bought lottery tickets, my dream was always to quit working and go back to school, oh, and buy the SPCA so that no animals would ever be euthanized. Well, I don't think I can ever buy the SPCA, but my dream of going back to school is coming true, without the lottery!

    But now I can say if I win the lottery, I'm with Nikina, motorhome and travel around the Americas...then private jet and travel the world!

  3. Winning the lottery . . . yep, it's that old can't win if you don't play, but dreaming is still an option.

    I would immediately set aside a chunk for my three kids. Give my extended family some money. Have city water put in Corey's parent's house (instead of well water), and donate some money to some favorite charities. After all of the sharing, I would go on cruises, lots and lots of cruises--to the Caribbean, to Alaska, to Eastern Europe, and of course, to all of those tropical islands.

    Then I would buy a home in the mountains, and another home near a beach on a cliff overlooking the water. I would probably have to move to tropical Australia. And oh yes, a car that works.


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