Saturday, May 2, 2009

Guidance, thankfully.

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May 2, 2009 Daily Aquarius horoscope:
Put aside the frivolity for a day, dear Aquarius. This is an important time to prepare for the future. Make sure you don't take another step forward before you know you are on solid ground. This is an important time for you to secure your goals on a piece of paper. Writing them down will help you manifest them in your life. Think about the long-term harvest. Security and grounding are key themes of the day.

aquarius by racalovesyou


  1. C'est une trés belle photo...
    Son regard est hypnotisant, fascinant, envoûtant...
    Kisses from France,

  2. Je suis honore avec vous ici. Merci pour votre visit. Jai petite petite francais. Oui J'adore aussi photo. Votre blog c'est marveilloux, marvelous, so beautiful, magnificent. J'adore votre art. Takes my breath away. Mon favorite colour c'est vert. Bon vie, bon chance pour vous. Write kisses en francais pour moi so je sais, sil vous plait. Vous et tres gentile, merci. avez vous english?

  3. Wow, aside from the photo, I am very impressed that I could read all of your response to Tatieva. I'm trying to stop by foreign language blogs more so that I can see how much of my French I can resurrect, and a little bit of German.

  4. I KNOW WAS THAT so much fun. I went and looked up kisses and it's baisers. I went to her blog and had a blast. Did you go look? AMAZING. Poietes. I love your Bolg. I get ansty for it. I only know German when you sneeze.

  5. Crappola, I hit the back button before my comment actually posted. I may have to kill this computer.

    Okay, let's reconstruct: I only know a few phrases in German, and one is a curse. I have in-laws who are German, so I try to listen.

    I am so glad that you love my blog. It means so much that there are people out there who actually read me on a regular basis. I can't tell you how much that means to me--seriously.

    Braisers a tu, aussi.


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