Monday, May 25, 2009

School's out for Summer!

I was so excited to turn 30 years old. I would be all grown up. I would finally be able to get my shit together. I would balance my checkbook, paint ever room in my house all at the same time. That did not happen quick enough so I gave it up and decided to shoot for all proper and organized at 40. I got a tattoo instead. Something to commemorate turning 40. My tattoo story is so fantastic and I know you will love it. I'm going to open my summer vacation tales of flight and fancy fantasy with the story of my dragon tattoo. I will officially be unemployed on June the 1st. I will have 20 days to ponder my fate until summer begins on the books 6/21/09. Retired....for the summer. Well I don't have to race to another job so I thought I might be able to get my stuff together this summer. Write a book, paint a self portrait, put a new roof on the house. OK then, how about clean a closet and lose 10 pounds? a book.

I worked from my home in Florida for a realtor in Atlanta. I loved my job and I was very good at it, in pajamas. True. My boss handles REO's for several clients. In the olden days of banking, when a bank took a house back it went to auction. Now more often than not the bank has a division of REO's (Real Estate Owned) that they market. My boss the realtor only does property that was corporate owned (the bank). Very different marketing from general realty. It was my job to manage the properties. I turned the lights on in Atlanta. The gas, the water, did the lawns, ordered minor repairs, got bids for major repairs and have had to find a rat chaser. I did the billing and paid the bills. I promoted myself several times and my boss tried to fire me several times. I told her you cannot fire slaves. Although I readily agreed to be banished any time Friday afternoon she so ordered. She also just happens to be my bestest, most wonderful friend this side of the Mississippi. Her youngest son has graduated from 8th grade and they are moving back to San Diego this summer. Verily I go.
Before this, I was an Ambassador for an Insurance company. Well, they thought I was their secretary.......


  1. Verily this is really fun! Can't wait for the next installment!!!

  2. You're back and I'm so happy! Sorry about the job that got away but honestly when one door closes, another opens. It's inevitable. And what's behind that second door might be a dutch baby (is that what you called your big ole pancake?)

  3. oooooohhhk...why did you STOP ??? can't wait to read more...

  4. I love you guys. Yes, try the big ole pancake, don't peek. So much fun.

  5. Oooooh! I think I'm cooking up a new title for myself! Ambassador Meeko has a nice ring to it, don't ya think? LOL ;)

  6. I call myself a hall monitor, I like Ambassador better..

    And Husband read all the comments and has prepared his own thank you ..stop by and check it out.


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