Sunday, May 24, 2009

Coral Rose has provided me with her first bloom after transplant. There is a bud on every stem to back this first one up, so, a very happy plant we have. We have some sunshine this morning and I believe everything in the yard will probably grow a foot before the P.M. promised showers arrive. I'm looking forward to this summer as I will be on vacation. I quit my job in April but gave a last official work day of 6/1/09. When it's all over I should be required to post, "What I did on my Summer Vacation". Which, right now, makes me think if I can't get to something outrageous, I should prepare some sort of wild tale to tell. A work of fiction. A novella. Sci-fi?? So if 'they' don't stop by to ask me if I'd like a road trip around the galaxy, I'll have to make one up. So, if 'they' do stop by...would you believe me? I have a large fear of not being believed, if/when something of unusual circumstances befalls my living. Mr Frank has promised to not smile in my face at a wild tale I might subscribe to. I suppose enough odd behavior and remarkable conversations have insured some validity to any story from my lips. I like that. I say odd things, I believe odd stuff, I get away with it so yes, I'm weird.
As rose buds go, I am facing an onslaught. A fierce attack that I have no defense of. This is so cool and makes me wonder where My Dragon has got to. To mention, I think this is a great start for Summer Vacation Tales. This last shot of Coral Rose bud #1 from transplanted is of her last hurrah! Swan Song. She is a beaut.


  1. Enjoy your onslaught of rose buds. Nothing is better in the sping.

    If you don't mind me asking, what kind of job are you leaving?

  2. yes, she is a beauty :) we just planted rosebushes today...i hope they will bloom soon :)

  3. Beautiful rose! Verily I love your weird little self!
    I look forward to your wacky and exotic adventures this summer, real or not!

  4. Lucky you with those roses. I like odd, too. Odd is good.


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