Saturday, May 30, 2009

Well I finally have this figured out, sorta. I'm not as spot on with the tech stuff. Pretty sure. I'm sure it doesn't take a round trip ticket for you guys just to get this sweet Golden Heart Award photo to stick right here on your own pages. See? Took me a minute.
Thank you. I have received an award, my first and a blessed one because I have no performance due, no hoops to through, no fire to jump. Thank you nikina for thinking of me and Rain for thinking me through. I am very happy to fly my colors. After all 'that' is said and done, this being my first will be my best. There is no other award I will be worthy of or can accept. I test well, never did do my homework. Sweet Nik... my breath was gone for a moment when I last opened you post, amazing page and giant colors. I didn't comment because you had received an award...and to pass on...and I didn't want your immediate attention. I would wait a moment, then tell you. BUT little girl you nabbed me anyway. I do cherish it. Thank you. So? I pass this on to those of Golden Hearts? I do this first, my easy way. If YOU are here reading this, take this award from my heart to yours. I know you read..may not always comment. But I know you are here. I could embarrass you and make a list but instead........pick this up and pass it on. You know who you are or I just had a big sandwich. Grateful.


  1. Congrats Verily! You do have a golden heart!

  2. Congratulations on your golden heart. I can't think of a more deserving soul for such an enchanting gift.


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