Friday, May 8, 2009

Before I go.....I know, isn't this so silly. Make sure you check Austin's food every day and don't forget to....

I'm sure (hope) I will find a c o m p u t e r over there>
but just in case I ignore you ;0
please go bother this wonderful manic man. I've already tried to scare him. He is so funny.
and water the plants


  1. Boo! Thanks for the nod! Don't be gone too long,k? :)

  2. AND ON ANOTHER NOTE!!! Why am I on the only freakin' person in our office that DOES water the plants?!

  3. I hope you are off to have fun!

  4. YES YES thanks, all my babies are here, 2 daughters, one really fun grandbaby girl.

    Plants like you.


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