Monday, May 11, 2009

There are many occasions that can call for candlelight. It can make any very best wonderful thing going on just that much more special. Illuminate the magic.

We know how and we know we are supposed nice to ourselves. A very special dinner out, just because. A massage, just because we can. Just because we can should flow right to because we should. Why do we deny ourselves? Make all the noise and excuses you believe could justify. We've all heard them and used them.

Take a shower by candlelight.


  1. Oh, I've done that, shower by candlelight! I have hundreds of candles at my house, I honestly don't feel right unless I have one burning, that and strawberry incense!

  2. Candlelight is very flattering. :)

  3. Girl! You are too much for me! I love your comments. They brighten my day. :)

  4. Believe it or not, I always shower by candlelight. Overhead lights tend to bother me, and too much exposure brings on migraines. So my bedroom is usually a bit dark, and I don't turn on the light in the bathroom until I have to.

    Besides, as Meeko said, candlight is very flattering.

  5. I looove candlelight...i used to light candles when i had a bath but now i don't have a bathtub...i should try the shower with candlelight :)


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