Friday, May 22, 2009

My Mighty Oak. I've never owned a tree before. I love being that person that cares for this tree. I feel this tree when I am in the yard, underneath her. I've scrunched my shoulders once or twice, wondering if she might thump my noggin to get me thinking. The most hysterical, stop breathing moment...and convinced me to never be without a ball cap.... picking up small twigs to bolder tiny branches. A commotion racket RUN RUN RUN freakazoid. So I stop dead still because I am so startled I do not know which way to run...and three feet to my side a squirrel with a death clench on a branch. PLOPS! I think he is dead. I 'oh poor thing', 'so sad' ?? he moves.......He's three feet from me. Do I run? He does not run, he sits up, looks at me?? Is she going to eat me? We both still. Ponder. Finally, thank God, he gets real and runs. As my wits come slowly back to me, I smile. Then I am over come by the complete Holy Shit Ordeal of my squirrel. Well of course he is mine, he's in My Mighty Oak.

Squirrel...da da da ta da. sing sing. jump hop launch da da ta da woo hoo. launch, ah snag. get it.YEA. launch.....CRACK! WTHOLYGUACAMOLE fawahamp. ooff. He fell 512 feet, hit the deck knocked the stuffin out of himself and passed out. how worse can it get?? It does. he wakes to see me. All the way to the ground I am going to die. Why did that branch break? Why didn't I know this could be? I open my eyes and I am. was badder. It's looking at me and I am not yet in my own mind (something about oxygen) FINE, I'm dead again. ouuuo, not very quick, is it? RUN!

I laugh at my good fortune. Really laugh loud. I am blessed and thankful My Mighty Oak did not whack me in the head with a squirrel.


  1. LOL - we have pine trees that every once in a while will drop a big pine cone after a snow storm - so far not the head, but dents in the BBQ!

  2. Awwww, Verily's back! You were missed. Glad the branch missed ya cause then I'd have to wait longer! :)

  3. Oh I've been knocked in the noggin with pine cones, lol! I don't own any trees, but I like to believe that I own the mountain over here!


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