Thursday, May 7, 2009

Something about a bridge, I was reading, and I am a bridge person. So, the damn needs to break, yes, yes, the damn dam. No ok, the bridge needs to blow up so I can figure out which way to run. My brain is wrung. Run. I have plenty of bridges available to the back. I see no bridges ahead. Here I am on the bridge. Point....? it is very nice. I love this bridge. I came marathon hill pounding from the other side of the planet just to be right here. I have healed. 11 years ago I had a Coral Rose over there. I missed it. I found one here. Time to go. Not so fast. Why? ooohhh! Why not? Just that simple. When I got here it was not a reached destination, just part of the road. Change. I must be ready.

There's a Coral Rose planted here, just today. Amazing.

I love this forum. I'm outta here tomorrow.

Ok, that was very cheeky, I am so funny. I am going 'back' that direction to visit and play. Leaving on a jet plane.

Do you know where...verily I go?


  1. i don't know where u are going but it sounds like u are ready to go and it sounds pretty exciting :)

  2. Just to visit sweetheart. Friends and babies and yes so excited.

  3. Hope you had a safe flight... there and back.
    You must come back. Besides going back isn't
    always what it should/could be.... then you know it is time to come is that
    for convuluted logic........ my speciality.

  4. Picture of San Diego... hope you have a great trip!

  5. Have a wonderful time on your trip. May you always have lots of bridges to and bridges from in our life.


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